Drop Something: 1

In the pursuit of knowledge, everyday something is added.    In the practice of the Tao, everyday something is dropped.   Tao Te Ching 48 To pursue knowledge is to gain and gain and gain. To practice the Tao is to drop and drop and drop.  What do we drop and how do we drop it? Begin […]

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My bodymind is a nomad

My bodymind is a nomad my King. Ever home in the oasis of your love. Ever wandering in the deserts of your worlds. May I follow you…  who forever leads me. Your love is my guide. You guide me my love.   Rebbe Isaac Brubel Chuesh of blessed memory

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Where I have felt at home

In my wife’s arms and goodness,  she is my home. in my mother’s art my father’s prose. My brother’s selves, In my children’s eyes and lives, in my grandchildren’s play. In my friends uniquenesses. In music, art, and poetry. In bookstores and pottery. In Shabbat, Israel, David, Moses, Jesus… Heschel, Buber, Meister Eckhart, Huxley, Watts, […]

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What Every Life Story Requires

“Every life story requires three things.  Three reactions. Compassion.  A warm embrace of joy. Cynicism. A swift kick in the ass. Context. Insight and the wisdom of the ages. Tell your life story… but listen to the answers… nurturing, mocking and explaining. Listen baby listen. Listen and learn. Tell your story baby.  You shall be […]

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Make god cry today

Lord, I am good and evil. I am blind and seeing, Enable me to know wrong from right and to choose the good. Lord I am bound and free. Enable me to break the chains of my impulses and choose the good. Lord I am covered with wounds and healing Enable me to experience your […]

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