Beauty, Harmony and the Golden Mean

Since long time a man aims to surround himself with beautiful things. Already custom subjects of the antiquity inhabitants, who, apparently, pursued the only utilitarian purpose to serve storehouse of water, weapons on hunting etc. demonstrate tendency of the man to beauty. At the certain stage the man began to set a question: why this or that subject is beautiful and what is the basis of beauty? Already in the Ancient Greece the analysis of beauty’s nature was formed in the independent branch of science – aesthetics, which was no separable from cosmology for the antique philosophers. The main antique idea is that a Harmony is the basis of beauty.

Beauty and harmony became by major categories of knowledge, in certain sense even by its purpose, wherefore the artist searches for a true in beauty, and the scientist for beauty in a true.

Beauty of a sculpture, beauty of a temple, beauty of a picture, symphony, poem … What is common between them? Unless is it possible to compare beauty of a temple to beauty of a nocturne? It appears it is possible, if the unified criteria of beauty will be found, if the common formulas of beauty for different objects from chamomile flower up to a naked human body will be discovered.

There is a legend, that once Buddha had performed the sermon without any words. He simply extended the flower to the church-goers.

It was known the “Ceremony of Flower”, that is, the ceremony on the language of shapes, the dumb language of colors. If to esteem a flower close and similarly other natural works or the works created by a man, it is possible to find an unity and order appropriated to all these objects. This order and unity also is “Harmony” determining “Beauty”.

The well-known Italian theorist of architecture Leone Battista Alberti written a lot of books about architecture spoke about harmony the following:

“There is something greater, composed from combination and connection of three things (number, limitation and arrangement), something that lights up all face of beauty. And we called it by Harmony, which is, undoubtedly, the source of some charm and beauty. You see assigning and purpose of harmony to arrange the parts, generally speaking, different under the nature, by certain perfect ratio so that they met one other creating a beauty … It encompasses all human life, penetrates through the nature of things. Wherefore everything that is made by Nature, all this is measured by the law of harmony. Also no for the Nature of the greater care, than that everything created by it was perfect. It is impossible to achieve this without harmony, wherefore without it the greatest consent of the parts is disintegrated”.

In the Great Soviet Encyclopedia the following definition of the “Harmony” concept is given:

“Harmony is coordination of the parts and the whole, coalescence of different components of the object in the unified organic whole. In the Harmony the internal orderliness and measure of the Being get the external revelation”.

Already it is well known many “formulas of beauty”. Already for a long time in their works people prefer the exact geometrical shapes, square, circle, isosceles triangle, pyramid etc.

Among many proportions used by a man a long time at creation of harmonic things, there is one, alone and unique, having unique properties. This proportion is called differently, “golden”, “divine”, “golden section”, “golden number”, “golden mean”.

The “Golden Proportion” is mathematical concept and its analysis is first of all the problem of science. But it is a criterion of harmony and beauty, and this is already category of art and aesthetics. And our Museum, which is dedicated to analysis of this unique phenomenon, is, doubtlessly, scientific museum dedicated to the analysis of harmony and beauty from the mathematical point of view.


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