September 2009

A number of years ago I decided to try my hand at creating a new religion from scratch. Symbols, deities, virtues, liturgy… I’d settled on the perennial philosophy as the bedrock of my personal belief system and this struck me as a useful endeavor.

I decided to structure it as a polytheistic system of belief as opposed to monotheistic. 7 Gods. I saw this less as a belief in multiple Gods but more of a belief in God being beyond our finite comprehension (hence, the ultimate ground of our being manifesting in multiple facets- like a prism). Or, as the Tao says, “The tao that can be told is not the eternal tao”.

It didn’t take long for me to lose interest in this, Fomrism, as a religion per se, and rather begin to see it as an exercise in developing a system for living. I also progressively saw this system as an attempt to encapsulate all of reality in a conceptual structure- hence, an intellectual endeavor.

In writing my last blog, “Why we exist”, I realized that my explorations into Fomrism still guide my sense of why we exist (and how we should live) strongly. Apart from the “religious” aspects of the system (and the intellectual pursuit of placing all the universe in one basket), here is what Fomrism has taught me concerning how to live.

It is worth saying that I don’t consider any of this original… it seems rather to me like an amalgam of all I’ve encountered life to date.

You can call these concepts values or characteristics or goals or virtues… Ultimately it has become for me a how to live life to-do list of sorts with archetypes.

  • Wonder, awe, mystery, silence The unknown
  • Union, synthesis, peacemaking King and queen in union
  • Nurture, loving-gentleness, kindness, mercy-charity The mother
  • Passion, kaizen, energy The love between
  • Justice, truth, wisdom The father
  • Strength, doing right, courage The warrior prince
  • Beauty, creativity, compassion The healer daughter

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