Quintessential Fundamentals: May 2010


Important to revisit ones quintessential fundamentals a time or two a year… Here is a short list from a quick assessment today.

The Perennial Philosophy: https://prostores3.carrierzone.com/stores/i/insightscomm.com/images/PSHelperSet/InsightsComm_philosophy3.pdf

Thou Art That: http://followyourbliss.tribe.net/thread/ca5902fb-13b6-41a9-a2a3-014a44e4f058

Grow Where You Are Planted: The grass is not greener elsewhere, just different (and the same).

Be Who You Are: If you have a size 8 foot… wear size 8 shoes.

Gratitude: There is more to be thankful for than you can even call to mind.

Wonder: There is more to wonder at than you can even call to mind.

Wisdom As Behavior In Accord With The Rhythm Of The Created World: You are not what you think, feel or will. You are what you do.

Don’t Waste Time Discussing Theology: Rather, break bread over how the Ultimate is afoot in your current life.

What Feels Like Discovering is Really No More Than Remembering.

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