The Soul

November 2009

Today I quote today from June Singers, “The Boundaries Of The Soul”… An awesome book.

“…the ‘soul’ (I do not know a better word for that central guiding aspect of the unconscious, the nature of which we may have only a dim awareness) has ceased to be the connecting ribbon of a road between the conscious individual and the vast unknown and unknowable.

It need not only to be restored to what it was before, but it needs to serve as a traveler’s highway in which a continuous and busy intercourse between the ego and the unconscious may take place. In this active and reciprocal relationship neither the ego nor the unconscious will remain as it was in the past.

The change that may be brought about in the analytic process, the dialectic between the ego and the unconscious, may become close to its true potential; if so, it will result in a transformation of the personality.

This transformation is not achieved through the efforts of an outside agent; the analyst for instance, does not ‘make it happen.’ Rather, the analyst is there to help in enabling the self regulating aspect of the psyche to function.

The analyst will take the side of the unconscious when the ego of the analysand is in the foreground attempting to control everything. On the other hand, when the analysand is floundering out of control in the grip of overwhelming unconscious material, the analyst may align on the side of the ego, and offer whatever strength may be needed to enable the totality of the personality to survive…”

Pg. 30

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