Tom Block- Suburban Boy

Suburban Boy (2006)

Suburban Boy is a 40-page artist book (in three different editions) which examines the suffocating normalcy of life in the American suburban culture. Even though everyone living within that place is certain that they, at least, have remained immune from its narcotic effect.

None are immune.

Suburban Boy uses the cup of coffee as metaphor for the perceived comfort of this average American 21st century world, where the spiritual yearnings and existential search burbles along just out of view of consciousness. This interior, repressed spiritual volcano is represented within the book by fragments of other ideas, both literary and visual. Like everything that I do, some things are recognizable, and others not. Some may or may not have direct autobiographical relevance. Some may be tethered to reality, and some sunk into the heights of fantasy. Some are simply quick notes taken from my own dreams. Or nightmares.

Tom Block




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