The Enneagram


“These glimpses are the beginning of our escape, since knowing that we are in a prison of sorts can open up the possibility of another alternative. Spiritual work throughout the ages has told us that there is more to life than we might think, that a world awaits beyond the one circumscribed by our inner constraints. The various spiritual traditions have not only articulated the extent of our captivity and their views of the dimensions of reality beyond the blinders of the ego but also have presented us with many means of escape.”

“While a number of psychological and spiritual maps delineate the realm of ego, none that I have been exposed to is as powerful as the enneagram… The enneagram of personality describes nine different personality or ego types, each with characteristic mental, emotional, and behavioral patterns. It also describes, if properly understood, how and why these patterns arise as we lose touch with our spiritual depths in early childhood.

Additionally, it describes the affective and behavioral transformation each type will undergo if engaged in serious spiritual work that results in gradually reconnecting with those depths. We will speak more about these dimensions of the enneagram later because they form an integral part of truly using the enneagram as it was intended: as a tool for spiritual transformation that can help us move beyond the labyrinths of egoic reality that it describes.”

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