First Point: 7 Point Mind Training


The three poisons: delusion, craving, anger.
The four remedial powers: remorse, reliance, resolve, restitution

The First Point of the Seven-Point Mind-Training: “First, train in the preliminaries.” The preliminaries are four discursive meditations upon the preciousness of a human life of leisure and opportunity; death and impermanence; suffering; and karma.


-The Rare and Precious Human Life of Leisure and Opportunity: The object of discursive meditation on the rare opportunity of a precious human life of leisure and opportunity is to motivate us to use our rare opportunity wisely.

-Death and Impermanence: Death is inevitable, unpredictable… The third part of the meditation on death is attending to what is of value in the face of death. Death is part of life, not life’s antithesis.

-The Unsatisfactory Nature of the Cycle of Existence: The Buddhist analysis sis of vulnerability results in the extraordinary hypothesis that we suffer because we identify with, or “closely hold onto,” the constituents of our personal identity: “This is my body. These are my desires, my thoughts, my ambitions, my fears; this is me.” Given that we have a body, thoughts, and feelings, is there an alternative to identifying with them? The Buddhist answer is yes. Realize the nature of your own mind and identity, fathom the nature of your own body, and with the sword of insight, cut the root of suffering.


The general Buddhist teaching is that a life heavily dominated by delusion directs one toward rebirth as an animal; a life heavily dominated by craving leads to rebirth in a hungry ghost realm; and a life heavily dominated by malice or cruelty heads one toward rebirth in a hell realm.




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