Just be

You would be seen.

You would be heard.

You would be cherished.

Precious and adored.

There is no dance you can dance for me.

There is no song you can sing that I have not heard.

No poem that has not already been brought to me.

No cleverness that will surprise me.

There is nothing you can do to earn my affection.

There is nothing you can do.

I have loved you with a love stronger than death before time existed.

Your being. Who you have been, you are and will be delight me.

Your doings may please or hurt me, but my love can’t be earned.

Every cell and pore and fiber of you is in my heart fully every moment of eternity.

You can’t be more seen or heard or cherished.

Birds fly, fish swim, flowers bloom.

Just be my beloved. My precious adored.

just be. Just be and I am delighted.

Jean Llanomirth, Psalms

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