This is to mother you

“He remembered that his mother had truly loved him with all the strength she had.  Her nature and nurture had shaped her into a loving mother with limitations… she had left him with many deficits given his unique nature and nurture.  As all mothers do.

And so Linda, Emmylou, Roseanne, Maren, Linda, June, Sarah,Natalie, Carole, Mary Chapin, The Joans, Dolly, Sinead, Annie, Joni, Judy, Tracie, Anna, Allison, Miranda, Suzanne, Rory, Nanci, Barbara, The Indigo girls, Suzy and Iris all sang him lullaby love songs to compensate for what his mother intended to give him but could not do, due to her limitations…

And his limitations.”

Psychology, Jean Llanomirth

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