Thank You for this Adventure my Love


  1.  For life and health. For love with my loved ones.  My bride, my lover, my companion.   My beautiful (inside and out) and brilliant children, their children. For my father who sought truth and healing through words.  For my mother who seeks truth and healing through art and words.   My precious brothers and long lost sister. My grandparents. Uncles, aunts, cousins.  Kindred spirit friends. Those who loved and cared for me when I was young.  For the honor of being a child of Abraham and Sarah.  For the privilege of being a human being in the human family with a world of brothers and sisters.   The projects, Brighton, Flatbush, Larkspur, San Rafael,  Vernonia, Portland, Denver, and the Republic of Texas.  And sustenance… meat, fruit, bread, cheese, legumes, vegetables, nuts, seeds…and drink… water, coffee, tea, beer, wine and spirits… the water of life in particular. Pleasure… pain, smells, taste, touch, sex, play, work, toil, writing, walking, seeing, hearing, long hot showers, blankets, central heating and air, plumbing and lights and toilet paper, discursive thought, poetry, prose, fiction (Kerouac) art in all her forms (Chagall, Jung, Kook), typos, mysteries upon mysteries, mystical and law – Buber, Heschel, the Ari, Reb Akiva, and  my big brother, the storyteller.   Good times and bad times. For all that has been, thank you.  For all to come, YES.
  2. Music. Harmony, melody, polyphony. Sound and lyrics.  Classic Rock, Folk, Country, Classical, jazz…  voices, guitars – electric, acoustic, clarinets, violins, pianos, flutes, saxophones, drums, mandolins, organs… it is the language of my soul.  The thread that seams my heart and mind.  It stirs me to joy, tears, dancing.
  3. Our faith pilgrimage adventure.  We will sing songs of our exploits and fellowship on our long and winding road.   Oh the things we have seen and known… and our journey has only just begun.
  4. The work. Service, study, mitzvaah, Mussar, Kabbalah.  With your aid I excavate the ideas and passions in my pits into the light and use of daylight.  With your help we wrestle down the perfections of your kingdom into the fields of plenty in this sphere.  Tikkun Olam. Shabbat. Shabbat bayit.  Shalom Aleichem.


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