What is Kabbalah?


“Let’s say you lived shortly after Mount Sinai. Let’s say you asked those people who had been there, “Tell me what happened.”

What would you they tell you?

“We were told not to have other gods.”

“We were told to honor our parents, to not steal or murder.”

I don’t think so.

More likely, their response would be something like this:

“We saw all the secrets of the cosmos open before us. We saw how each thing is generated into being at every moment. We saw that there is truly nothing else but the one Creator, and all else is but articulations of His will.”

To the Kabbalist, the ultimate paradise is here now, because the Infinite Light is here now, and more than any spiritual realm, this is where the Infinite Light yearns to be discovered. Our job is to peel away the husk to reveal that light within each physical artifact of our world. To enlighten not only ourselves, but every living being, and even the inert matter of our world.”


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