Only Man is Monster and Mensch (Make God Great Again) Dedicated to Rabbi Jeffrey Leynor and his beloved Karen



“God depends upon us, awaits our deeds.  In a sacred deed we echo God’s suppressed chant…We intone God’s unfinished song.  It is in the deeds that human beings become aware of what life really is, of their power to harm and to hurt, to wreck and to ruin; of their ability to derive joy and bestow it upon others…The deed is the test, the trial, and the risk. What we perform may seem slight, but the aftermath is immense.”  Abraham Joshua Heschel


Birds fly

fish swim

moles dig

snakes slither

lions roar

eagles soar

trees reach for the sun

rocks sit

the whole world shimmers and vibrates oh Lord with your essence

each creature and plant doing what they are intended to do.

Only man is monster and mensch.

We uncover and articulate truths and wisdom.  We live in illusions.


We create beauty and live with loving kindness.  We pillage in greed.

The killing fields of Cambodia.

We are goodness and peace.  We consume and consume with anger and hate.


Wall Street and the consumer industrial complex

Baruch HaShem

Perhaps you were LSD trippin when you made human beings…

Or fall down drunk.

Maybe we are but a cosmic dirty joke.

I think not.

Where you lonely Lord?  Are you codependent?  Did you need a companion to complete you?

Did you pine for a creature that would  love and serve you in your form as the human family in order to feel whole?

May we make God great again.

By recognizing our simple purpose and place in your order of things.

Do justice.

Love mercy.

Walk humbly.

Love your neighbor as yourself.

May we have a heart to lust for you in passionate devotion God our lover.  Teach us your ways King and Queen.

Father Mother God.  Grant us health, blessings and wisdom.

And the measure of our life shall surely be that degree to which we love, serve and know you in our sisters and brothers in the human family and Mother Earth.

No matter what we profess to believe.

You care nothing for our creeds Oh Lord.

You care everything for our deeds our King and Queen.


Jonathan Miller

December 2018



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