Drop Something: 1

In the pursuit of knowledge, everyday something is added.   

In the practice of the Tao, everyday something is dropped.  

Tao Te Ching 48

To pursue knowledge is to gain and gain and gain.

To practice the Tao is to drop and drop and drop. 

What do we drop and how do we drop it?

Begin with dropping the self.  Drop it like a hot potato.

See what is before you with full awareness and do by not doing.  Be unable to see the forest because of the trees in your face. 

This what life comes to.  Dropping the self.  Thou art that, not this.  If you would save your life lose your life.  Die.   

How do I drop? I drop by doing, not by focusing on the dropping. To be thinking drop, drop, drop is to be possessed like a panther in the zoo.

To dodge that black ice careening car coming for your body is instinctual. Let instinct take your awareness like snow blanketing the mountains.

To be fully preoccupied with what is before me is to have dropped without dropping.  I am green tea leaves steeping in a cast iron pot.    

Be possessed with the present today like a wolf hunting prey with no qualms. 

Roy Stone, Poems

In the year of the plague, December

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