Maintain a daily morning practice that is centering… grounding. Find a hobby or two (or three) that enable me to lose track of myself… lose my mind… daily. Spend some time with my physical body each day. Give more… be more present to others… give more time and money to good causes…  humanitarian, ecological, political.

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Only Man is Monster and Mensch (Make God Great Again) Dedicated to Rabbi Jeffrey Leynor and his beloved Karen

  “God depends upon us, awaits our deeds.  In a sacred deed we echo God’s suppressed chant…We intone God’s unfinished song.  It is in the deeds that human beings become aware of what life really is, of their power to harm and to hurt, to wreck and to ruin; of their ability to derive joy and bestow […]

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What is Kabbalah?

“Let’s say you lived shortly after Mount Sinai. Let’s say you asked those people who had been there, “Tell me what happened.” What would you they tell you? “We were told not to have other gods.” “We were told to honor our parents, to not steal or murder.” I don’t think so. More likely, their […]

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Five Prayers

  Five prayers my Lord. My Father Mother. Health, peace, happiness and ample provision for all my brothers and sisters in our human family. My Lover. That I may be smitten… intoxicated-inebriated with your beauty and love. My King and Queen. That my heart would burn with longing to serve, follow and obey you in […]

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“To be a Jew is to be humanity’s keeper.” “But it is Rabbi Eleazar who offers the most insightful response. The verb vayigash means all three ways of approaching. Judah came forward, ready to do all three. He was ready to fight, to make peace, and to pray, all at once. “I come whether it […]

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